Features Edit

Pink, red, orange skin tones are most common, though some have pitch black skin. Their eyes are often fiery colors. They feature a wide variety of bony extrusions, often in the shape of horns. Their body temperature is sometimes unbearable for other kinds of people to touch. They usually have sharp features and narrow eyes.

Abilities Edit

Fire and heat do no harm to a aemir, and some even find it soothing. Some aemir even sleep in a bed of fire or hot coals. aemir can ignite themselves and just about anything they touch in intense flames. They are capable of melting anything, even items that would not normally melt when heated. 

As they are also creatures of the light, they can make any light source around them brighten or dim at will. With the power of dozens of aemirs together, they can even alter the strength of the sun.

Aemiran Humans Edit

Often have warm skin tones and retain their ancestors sharp features. Brown eyes are extremely common, but aemiran humans who are more closely related to their aemiran ancestor may display flecks of bright yellows and oranges, possibly even fully colored irises. Bone related deformities are more common in aemiran humans.

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