The Demons' Droughts were years of intense droughts that were spread across the main continent. Though the worst of the dry heat has subsided, some of it still lingers and temperatures are generally much warmer than they were before the incident. While this had made winters more mild, summers are, in many places, dangerously hot.

The Demon's Droughts resulted from generations of building animosity against the aemir. Aemir have never been widely liked by humanity and even aemirian humans often resent their ancestors. Being custodians of the sun and heat, aemir were often blamed if winters were too cold or summers were too hot. Though they were able to play some part in modifying the environment's temperature, this was only possible as a collective and they rarely congregated for this purpose. Eventually even unrelated calamities like earthquakes and sandstorms were blamed on them as well, if they were known to live nearby. In Xeros, where most of them live, superstitions regarding them run rampant. Many call the aemir "demons" and some don't even know their proper name. (Demons are actually an unrelated kind of monster, though only scholars know much about them outside of their fearful reputation)

When the aemir actually did gather to attempt to create favorable weather for the continent, an unfortunate happenstance caused the pockets of warm weather to be relocated to incorrect areas. This occured after the typhir unexpectedly altered wind patterns. This threw the aemir's magic into disarray and caused disastrous weather for a few weeks, followed by the aemir's warm weather areas lingering in places and causing the first of the Demons' Droughts. Human communities read these actions as deliberate attacks and became hostile. Aemir who lived in cities were chased out and some human militias even brought the fight to remote aemir settlements.

At this point, nearly all of the aemir gave up on aiding humans altogether. They left the changes they had made to the environmental heat as they were and became reclusive, withdrawing from all societies but their own and settling among the most unforgiving parts of the desert. The most resentful of the aemir embraced the demonic representation that was thrust on them and made a greater effort to threaten humanity. The aemir resentment towards typhir was also born from this incident.

Today, the aemir have few collective settlements. Most live with only their family members or completely alone. It would be a difficult task to gather enough of them to return the climate to its previous state.

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