Features Edit

 Tall, often very slender but sometimes pear shaped. Brown skin tones, often mimicking colors of tree bark. Ancient or sickly elves may suffer their skin peeling or flaking like bark. Hair is curly or coily and naturally grows in shades of brown, but can turn greenish over the years. Because their human descendants have some pointed ears it is often believed they too have pointed ears, but they really have a variety of shapes, generally longer than human ears and sometimes branchlike it the tip. 

Abilities Edit

Elves receive great power from being among nature. When surrounded by plants they are gain superhuman strength and speed. In barren lands or cities, they are as strong as any human, but feel very tired and the change in vitality may cause stress. They can also heal their wounds quickly by plastering them with leaves or other plant material. They can even regenerate lost limbs with this method.

Human Features Edit

Feature a wider variety brown skin tones than their ancestors, can be comparatively lighter skinned but never pale. Taller than average and curly hair is pretty common. Their ears have pointed tips but aren’t much longer than human ears.

Elves Today Edit

The elves have organized an expedition in the Xeros desert in attempt to make it more hospitable for life. With the demons gone, the land was ripe for transformation. Three elves are now attempting to turn a little oasis city into lush garden, but poor execution made the oasis nearly dry up. The elves are now trying to negotiate with the Selkies for aid in restoring the oasis.

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