Capital Fionas

Sabelas Tiernas

Biomes Rainforests

Saltwater Marshes Tropical Islands

Sub-regions Unknown
Climate Tropical
Demographics and Economy
Demonym Lorelan
Races 32% Meran

28% Elven

29% Dwarven

8% Beastfolk

2% Other

Religion(s) Mask
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown
Population Unknown
Government Triple Monarchy
Ruler(s) Unknown
International Relationships Recently coming out of isolationism. Open borders for trading only.
Loralas (LOR-uh-loss)

History Edit

The region of Loralas has a long history of civil wars. There have been ages when it was one unified empire, and ages where it has been fragmented into a dozen nations. Often, but not always, the major players in these wars were racially divided groups. Because the region is home to Elves, Dwarves, Merfolk, and to a lesser extent Beastfolk, Loralas is a culturally diverse area. While the First Folk rarely meddle in such politics, their human descendants were quick to find quarrel with each other. 

In the earliest eras of civilization, these conflicts were mostly territorial. Once cities were established, these became more about who was the one ruling them rather than what kind of citizens lived there. As some thrones changed hands often, some places had confused identities. A city of meren architecture may have been populated largely by dwarven people but ruled by elven politicians.   

Currently, Loralas consists of three stable kingdoms. Only a few generations ago, it was a single Kingdom that formed under the leadership of a rebel queen. The original kingdom was won from a long and bloody war which did not end until every one of her political rivals were killed. While many feared her viscious methods, citizens and politicians of all races were desperate for an end to the political flux of the region. The common folk who often had their lives interrupted and even destroyed by such upheaval were her most staunch supporters, eager to see her promise of a truly unified nation to succeed.

While the racially divided groups no longer had leaders once she came to power, the Queen was still wary of such groups making a return. Because the kingdom had so much land, she decided she would birth three children to rule three kingdoms after her. She would take a consort of each of the three races to father these children, ensuring there was royal representation for all three. The Queen herself was of mixed race, but coming from a predominantly meren family, she chose a meren man to father her firstborn. The meren prince would become the ruler of the First Kingdom, which spanned over the middle peninsula and most of the forests south of it. Her second child was an elven princess, and she was given the eastern peninsula and remaining southern forests. Her territory held many of the major international ports. The third born was a dwarven princess, given the western peninsula and marshes south of it. Though she had no share of the main forest, her territory bordered the mountain pass into Xeros and the summit. 

The Queen focused her reign on stabilizing her kingdom, and preparing it to split into three once it was time for her children to take their thrones. Insurrection was treated with swift and decisive action. Her opponents would herald this as a dark and cruel age, and many outside nations believe it so based on missives sent out by them. But it was a time of growth for the common people, and scholars especially. The Queen made a curious effort to place Mask Houses in most major cities, supporting rumors that Mask themself convinced her to take the throne by force.

Presently, the Three Kingdoms are held by the Queen’s grandchildren. While she yet lives, she is of an immense age and remains hands off in her descendants’ leadership.

Government Edit

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Economy Edit

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Notable People, Places, Stories, etc. Edit

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Trivia Edit

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References Edit

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