Until recently, magic was abundant and easily accessible. Presently, magic is severely limited with scholars having no solid explanation as to why it is happening.

This magic has waned
The magic mechanics discussed in this article do not apply to the setting's present time. They only apply to the era before the Decline

Usage Edit

Magic requires two things: A spell written or carved in runes, and a mana component to power or activate it.

Casting a spell refers to activating it. A spell can be written or carved in preparation but will remain latent until an activating mana component is applied.

Spells can take many forms. Spells that are used on a variety of targets are often carved onto a wand. Spells that are constantly active or cover an area are often drawn or carved as circles or squares on flat surfaces. Some spells can be weaponized by combining mana components with spell-carved stones in a flask or pouch that are launched or thrown at opponents.

Most magic does not require any innate power from the person casting it. The First Folk have their own specific kind of magic that they are able to use without written spells or mana components.

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