Name switching is a facet of Xerosi society. The people of Xerosi take on many names throughout their lifetime and switch names depending on their location, present company, and activities.

Concepts of first and last names don't exactly exist in Xerosi. Generally only one name is used per context. Instead of a last name, Xerosi sometimes add the names of the place they live to the end of their name. This is usually done to differentiate themselves from people who share their name, but also sometimes done by prominent people as a status thing. Examples: Emile of Red Banner Street, or for brevity, Emile Red Banner

Minimally, most have two names. A given name, sometimes called a child name, is given by one's parents. When people come of age, they may choose their own name for the first time, aptly called a chosen name. (Although individuals will certainly chose more of their own names throughout their life, only this coming-of-age name is labeld as a chosen name)

Other common name types include:

-A Lover's name, often thought of by the lover but agreed upon together.

-A Strangers name, a name one may give out to people they do not know well as a way to more distinctly field acquaintances.

-A Noble name, when one takes up any kind of leadership position. (Note that as royalty does not really exist in Xeros, there is no connotation with regards to lineage for these kinds of names)

-A Work name, a name one would use when working with customers and business associates

These names are not nicknames. One is expected to use the right names in the right contexts, or it could be embarrassing at least and insulting at worst.

For example, if one with the given name Ahira worked as a jeweler and took on the work name of Glimmer, she may find it an insult if a customer called her Ahira. To call her anything other than Glimmer while she is working may imply that she is not capable enough to have that work name.

Similarly, one who wanted to break up with their lover could convey that as easily as calling them an old name instead of the lover's name.

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