The world of Fallen Magic is populated by numerous races- both human and non-human. Supernatural races that predate humanity are known as The First Folk. Human races are most often denoted by the specific race of First Folk they are descended from, except for Untouched humans, who have no First Folk ancestry.

The First Folk Edit

The First Folk were said to be created by The Allmother to care for the various aspects of the world. While the races of the First Folk are all long-lived people - with lifespans roughly ten times longer than human lifespans - they are by no means immortal.

Each of the First Folk have power to manipulate the natural elements of their domains. For example, the dwarves can move and shape earth and stone to their will. Individuals have limited strength of this power, but large groups of them can alter the landscape of countries.

If one of the First Folk becomes pregnant, their child will also be a full blooded First Folk. If one of the First Folk impregnates a human, the child will be of mixed blood. All of the different races of humans come from these unions. Because First Folk have an extremely long gestation period compared to humans, the human population quickly became vast while the First Folk only had maybe twenty to a hundred individuals of each kind at any given time. Additionally, the First Folk in general chose not to have too many full-blooded offspring, given their long lives.

Beastfolk are the exception. Beastfolk almost never breed with humans and they reproduce at a rate similar to humans. Beastfolk are the most populous race out of the First Folk, but they are no where near as populous as humanity. Because most Beastfolk seek to serve the other members of the First Folk, their populations are limited by the local domain of the First folk group or family they have chosen to serve.

Special abilities and unusual features are only guaranteed to full blooded First Folk. About half of the half-blooded descendants will receive these features. Anyone that has a majority human ancestry will not receive any special abilities or features.

Human Races Edit

According to the legend of the Allmother, humans were a subservient race to the First Folk. The first humans communities lived alongside First Folk communities and often bred with them.

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