Capital Unknown
Biomes Tundra
Sub-regions Unknown
Climate Unknown
Demographics and Economy
Demonym Sycraen
Races Untouched Human 68%

Aemiran 15% Aqiran 9% Beastfolk 7% Other 1%

Religion(s) Solune Chalice
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown
Population Unknown
Government Tribal
Ruler(s) Settlement elders
International Relationships Isolated, hostile to all but Xeros

History Edit

In the earliest millenia of creation, Sycraer was a frozen waste that remained mostly uninhabited. The earliest inhabitants were small clans of cold-tolerant aqir and the beastfolk who served them. Human servants to the aqir could not survive the climate and were left behind, settling on the milder islands between Sycraer and Coranem. Therefore, unlike other developing communities over the world, the humans that would later settle Sycraer did not breed with the First Folk, making for a large population of untouched humans.

When it became widely known that the islands were settled with Untouched, other humans who did not want to serve their First Folk clans escaped to join them. The islands took in many refugees from Xeros in particular, as the early aemirs had trouble getting along with their human servants.

After centuries of the Untouched settling the islands, eventually there was not enough land or resources to sustain everyone. Generations of distrust towards the First Folk made them unwilling to go north where the population of mixed race people had began to boom. For close to a hundred years, the islands of Sycraer became enveloped in constant tribal warfare as each clan vied for the best territory.

It wasn't until an Untouched explorer did the unthinkable - She traveled out to Xeros for aid, and returned with a aemir and an sylvir. The aemir was one that had been a child when the humans escaped in mass. She grew up hearing how the generation of aemirs before her had scared them off and she wanted to make amends in some way. The sylvir was an envoy that had been visiting at the time. The aemir recruited his aid and he happily gave it. The aemir, the sylvir, and untouched explorer traveled into the heart of Sycraer, leading an expedition of the few who were willing to have First Folk as a travel companions. The aemir used her affinity with heat to melt the frozen wastes and make the climate less harsh, while the sylvir coaxed the earth to give life to trees and other plants. The humans in the company began setting up roads, charting maps, and clearing spaces to settle later. Such work was slow going with only one aemir and one sylvir gradually making the land habitable. The entire campaign took decades and the explorer who started it all died of sickness before she could see it to the end. The expedition continued to carve a path through the country, eventually making a road all the way to the mountains and ending at the base of the volcano. The sylvir and the aemir then set out on their own the adjust the climate of areas beyond the roads, making the majority of the land habitable. This task completed, they quietly returned to their home lands by ship.

The legend of his expedition has it that the explorer was a man who defeated the sylvir and aemir and took their powers as his own.

Government Edit

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Economy Edit

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Notable People, Places, Stories, etc. Edit

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Trivia Edit

A vast majority of the people of Sycraer engage in segmented sleep. Sycraens often retire shortly after nightfall for the first sleep, which lasts about four hours. They then have a period of wakefulness that lasts one to three hours, wherein they may engage in quiet, often solitary activities. It's very common to keep dream logs and many write in them during this time. Those who do not sleep in segments often wake up hours before dawn instead. It is discouraged to stay up for a long time after nightfall.

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